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UK companies were briefed on the range of opportunities in the healthcare sector in China at two recent events in London. The first, organised by UKTI, featured a video link with Beijing and speakers included Anna Zhao, UKTI Trade & Investment Manager (Healthcare), who identified exciting new opportunities in Beijing.

Engagement with the

Engagement with the

Engagement with the community it sreevs has always been the mission of Astra Zeneca. Kudos to AZ for being a transparent information and access steward for the healthcare needs of both low income Americans as well as connecting with all strata so that resources are leverages and gaps in care are closed! This award speaks volumes! Thank you AZ!

China Healthcare Sector Report: April 2012

McCann Healthcare reviews China's healthcare sector and the impact of the country's health reforms for business

BritCham & CBBC Members meet with UK Health Minister Simon Burns

UK Health Minister Simon Burns attends a roundtable session with members

Healthcare Newsletter- Issue 1

The inaugural issue of CBBC's healthcare- focused newsletter

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