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3rd China Energy Chemical International Forum Breaking New Ground: Unconventional Gas - The Oasis of China Energy Industry

BritCham / CBBC
Event type External Event
Date Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 to Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
Time 1st Day
11:00-11:10   Opening keynote
11:10-11:40   Riding the wave-Dissection of Chinese Unconventional Gas 12-5 yrs plan
11:40-12:10   Case study-lessons learned from Shanxi, pioneer of China CBM industry for solving dilemma of the coal and CBM exploration rights
12:10-12:40   Spotlight: Conventional VS. Unconventional Gas full scale appraisement of advantages for China unconventional gas resources
12:40-13:10   Refreshment
13:10-13:40   Going Out:global perspectives on unconventional gas development
13:40-14:10   Aistra;oa-how we benefited from the Unconventional gas' booming development
16:00-17:00   Panel discussion: A close examination of oversea partnerships China Unconventional Gas market
17:00-17:30   Focus:drilling& well obstacles in China's unique geological characteristics
17:30-18:00   Refreshment
18:00-18:30   Solution:innovative drilling tech to maximize CSM output
18:30-19:00   Close look at environmental protection and water management in CBM production
2nd Day
11:00-11:10   Session opening keynote
11:10-11:40   Gas pipe& distribution plans for future China CBM commercialization
11:40-12:40   Mega Jump: a review of the latest purification tech to enhance the CBM production integrated approach of CO2/N2 injection tech to increase the CBM recovery
12:40-13:10   Refreshment
13:10-13:40   Technology update& application of CBM liquefaction
13:40-14:10   Golden Opportunities: comprehensive overview of CDM exchange policy
16:00-17:00   Panell Discussion: A first full of dollar-Look into the treasure of shale gas in China
17:30-18:00   From Exploration to Distribution - a vertical review of ODP plan for unconventinal gas business in China
18:00-18:30   Perspective Examination of Rish Management and Fund raising in China Unconventional Gas Industry
Open for By invitation only
Contacts valerie@galleonevents.com
Venue TBA
Organiser External
Address TBA
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July 2011! The new spring for the China CBM industry – the final version of China’s 12-5yrs plan for CBM industry is coming out this July. According to the new strategy, Output for the whole CBM industry is planned to be 200-240 billion cubic meters by the end of 2015, which will double the number designed for the 11-5 yrs plan. The new figure including 100-110 billion cubic meters output from the ground well drainage and 110-130 billion cubic meters output from the under- ground drainage. It symbolize a new spring for the Chinese energy industry.

China has been facing the challenge of energy structure adjustment for decades and the way of building up the low carbon economy was always a big challenge for Chinese society. However, with the 37 trillion cubic meters of CBM reserves in the pocket, it’s never too hard to find out the solution. CBM and Shale gas products are expected to be the fourth biggest energy supply after the oil, natural gas and coal in China.

Based on these positive policies, about 20 leading China unconventional gas developers are putting on their full-capacity to explore the potential business partners and suppliers who has the latest tech and most experience from oversea market in order to keep up the speed with the booming business opportunities worldwide.

Followed by the success of the previous two China energy industry international forum, the 3rd anniversary hereby is delivering our most precious business opportunities in China unconven- tional gas industry to our most exclusive VIP delegates. This is a must attend business event that go through leading  sessions,  well-selected specific practical case studies and most efficient one-to-one business meetings coming with actual buyer lists and budgets. We dissect the core complex of unconventional gas investments and operators in China.





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