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Accounting interns from AIA for UK companies in Shanghai

BritCham / CBBC
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The Association of International Accountants (AIA), a UK accountancy qualification provider, is offering a partnership programme for British companies in Shanghai. AIA can provide graduates from its finance and accounting certificate courses to do internships in Shanghai at British companies without service fees.
Apart from having a talented intern join their team, there are many benefits for host companies. One good example is that host companies will gain publicity by sharing a stage with the Lord Mayor of the City of London for a signing ceremony in Shanghai, in September, to celebrate the cooperation. We expect this event to receive good media coverage. Other benefits of the programme for participating companies include:
  • Discount for staff undergoing training programmes with Metro Education or with Lixin University 
  • Opportunity to attend annual graduation events (with parents in attendance)
  • Participation in AIA’s monthly CFO Forum as speaker or to send representatives (limited to three people) to participate in the event free of charge
  • Platform to promote services/products at monthly CFO forum 
  • Hiring of interns and mid- to senior-level executives through AIA’s Career Development Centre (CDC) by means of EDM, job posting on AIA websites, SMS, etc
  • Promote your company and its hiring positions on AIA’s official CDC websites (www.caikuai91.com and http://cdc.lixinedu.com.cn
  • Opportunity to follow AIA at its student recruitment fairs in various universities in Shanghai
  • Priority in choosing AIA students or members for their company over AIA’s industry partners
For further information please contact Simon.Kelly@fco.gov.uk.
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