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Behind the scenes video follows Chinese students applying for UK visas

BritCham / CBBC
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A new video backed by the British Council offers insight into the UK's visa application process, following two Chinese students preparing to head for British universities.

The six-minute video, available to view here on Youku, aims to dispel myths and clarify the doubts of prospective applicants. The British Council plans to show it at events across China.

In 2013, 65,000 Chinese students applied to the British Embassy in Beijing to study in the UK, according to the We Are International site (where you can also view the video and further details here). The students in the video are preparing to head for the UK to study engineering and translation, respectively.

Jazreel Goh, Director of Education Marketing in China at the British Council, said: “Chinese students contribute immeasurably to the intellectual vitality of the UK and its education. They make a critical contribution to UK research capacity and its standing in the global knowledge economy. This film helps to dispel myths and misconceptions about applying for a UK visa in China, which I am sure will help to reaffirm the UK’s position as welcoming genuine Chinese students to its institutions.” 

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