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BJU’s Wellness Charity Walkathon

BritCham / CBBC
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On December 4, BritCham- CBBC member Beijing United Family (BJU) employees teamed up to support the United Foundation of Children’s Health (UFCH) for BJU’s first Wellness Charity Walkathon. The event was held at Side Park, in Chaoyang District, to raise money for an 8-year-old orphan boy with a congenital heart defect. Through pledges and donations, BJU employees raised over 40,000RMB to finance two surgeries that will correct the boy’s heart defect.

The Wellness Charity Walkathon started with a warm up led by volunteer coaches from BJU’s staff, participants then walked five kilometers around the park. Afterward, walkers went to BJU’s New Hope Center where they were treated to complimentary services by community vendors and a lucky draw with prizes from local sponsors. The event was full of fun-filled memories and enjoyment.

 The eight-year old made a special appearance at the Walkathon with two of his friends from Blue Sky Healing Home to thank all of those who supported his cause.  The event concluded with him singing the song, “A Thankful Heart.”

UFCH would like to thank all of those who made a great effort in making the Wellness Charity Walkathon a huge success and providing a miracle to a young boy.

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