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British Brand Jimmy Choo plans to further expand into China Market

BritCham / CBBC
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British brand Jimmy Choo has announced plans to open new 10 stores a year in China, taking advantage of the country’s growing luxury market.

Speaking at the recent Beijing Design Week, Tamara Mellon, co-founder and chief creative officer for Jimmy Choo announced that a total of 50 stores would be opened by 2016. After opening two shops in 2004, sales were initially slow with only 4,000 pairs of shoes sold on average per year. However, Ms Melon stated that sales were up 100% on last year, thanks to a growing awareness about fashion in China and the increasing spending power of women.

After a £500m acquisition last year, Jimmy Choo is now owned by Labelex. Tamara was appointed one of Prime Minister David Cameron's global trade envoys and was in Beijing as part of the group attending Beijing Design Week led by Lord Marland of Odstock, hired in May to spearhead a group of British Business Ambassadors to drum up business for UK companies and raise the country's profile overseas. Britain and China have set a target of growing UK trade with China from $60bn to $100bn by 2014.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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