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The Business Fast Track Scheme

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The Business Fast Track service helps streamline the application process for companies sending Chinese staff to the UK and turns applications around in just one or two working days. It is ideal for organisations that regularly send Chinese nationals and invited guests to the UK for business purposes.

Who Can Join the Scheme?

The Business Fast Track scheme is for BritCham - CBBC member companies who regularly send Chinese employees to the United Kingdom, it offers a way to make the visa application process quicker and simpler. In short, the scheme allows you to add your company to the UK Border Agency’s list of pre-approved organisations, meaning that when you apply for a visa for a member of staff, a significant part of the approval process has already been completed.To be accepted onto the Business Fast Track scheme, UKBA requires that you are a registered UK company, a BritCham - CBBC member and that your company makes approximately 10 trips or more to the UK each year.
Please note that the Business Fast Track scheme is run by UKBA and although BritCham- CBBC acts as a facilitator, the final decision on whether a company is accepted onto the scheme is at the discretion of UKBA.

How Can I Join the Scheme?

For more information and to learn more about the eligibility criteria for the scheme please contact Ruth Zhou


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