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Care for Children in China

Care for Children in China
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Working only in China, Care for Children moves children out of institutions and into local families for long-term foster care. Care for Children is a registered Charity with tax free status in China, HK, UK & USA.

Care for Children works in partnership with the Chinese Government on a nationwide project to help establish foster care programmes, train foster care staff, and monitor, research and evaluate each designated project site. This is done through a variety of training workshops in strategic locations across the country.  The China Social Work Association (CSWA) - approved and monitored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MoCA) is the official partner in China for Care for Children.

This has led to Care for Children working on 38 project sites in 26 provincial areas at the request of our Chinese partners. They have been able to train staff from over 220 institutions as of February 2009.


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