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CBBC Chairman's Handover Visit to China

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Visit programme and locations
Following our announcement of the CBBC Chairman’s Handover Visit to China from 3-13 September 2013, we are very pleased to provide members with the most up-to-date visit programmes in each city. The visit programme (here or attached below) is designed to provide members with excellent access to key decision-makers, networking events and with an introduction to business opportunities in 10 cities across China. It will also be an opportunity for members to meet with CBBC’s new Chairman Lord Sassoon, and attend the farewell reception for Sir David in Beijing.

The visit programme will cover 10 cities across China as listed below. Click on any name for a city profile: QingdaoBeijingShanghaiNingboHangzhouNanjingXiamenChongqingChengdu

Corporate members are welcome to join part or all of the programme at no extra cost, although participation in some activities may be on a first come, first served basis. (There may be some charges for certain dinners organised by CBBC.)

For non-members and individual members, CBBC is offering packages of £816+VAT and £408+VAT to join part or all of the programme.

Join the programme to:

-- Meet decision-makers across China
We will be meeting a number of central government agencies, including MofCOM and the financial services regulators. We also expect to meet municipal and provincial governments from all of the regions in the programme. These meetings are open to all members, although confirmation is still subject to agreement with the Chinese government. Members are encouraged to inform CBBC of any issues they would like us to raise in these meetings.

-- Identify opportunities in regional cities
The programme will include local briefings from our teams across China, as well as a wide range of company visits and networking activities. We can also arrange additional, bespoke meeting-programmes in any of the locations to support your business development objectives. (This will be charged separately.)

-- Take part in Chinese Consumer and China Outbound programme activities
Lord Sassoon and Sir David will host a series of high-profile CBBC events in China including the Networking Reception with local and British retail businesses in Shanghai, our Flagship China Outbound Conference in Shanghai (learn more) and China Outbound Seminars in Qingdao (learn more), Xiamen (learn more) and Chengdu (learn more).

If you are interested in meeting Chinese companies and individuals engaged in elderly care, retail brand import, investment, studying and living in the UK, as well as global development, then we would strongly encourage you to join these events.

How to join
The details of the programme are still taking shape and we would be delighted to hear your suggestions or to consider requests from corporate members for Lord Sassoon’s or Sir David's time or assistance during their visit. Contact Cherry He in China or Lily Yang in the UK to register your interest or to find out more.

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