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CBBC Insights: Healthcare | 3 common features of British and Chinese healthcare that make localised cooperation possible

BritCham / CBBC
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CBBC Insights: Healthcare
By Anna Zhao
CBBC Sector Lead
Healthcare & Life Sciences
  1. Public hospitals on top: 90% in China vs 95% in UK
    Ninety per cent of Chinese healthcare institutions are public sector, while 95 per cent of all the UK’s service provision is covered by the National Health Service.
  2. The tiered care principle: different tiers for a large China vs 3 tiers for the UK
    Chinese healthcare bodies are now reinforcing their tiered care system, spurred on by the central government. This is consistent with the well-known British system of primary and secondary care – largely hospitals – and tertiary care.
  3. Healthcare policies prioritise patients: care quality and service at the heart
    Most importantly, providing quality care and serving the patient is the priority of healthcare policymakers in both countries, which provides a sound cornerstone for Sino-UK cooperation.
British hospital operators and management bodies are working hard to understand the features of the Chinese healthcare system and its operating bodies, hoping to localise further and set down roots in China in cooperation with local partners, so as to serve the healthcare needs of people from both countries.
For more information, please contact CBBC's sector lead for healthcare and life sciences, Anna Zhao: anna.zhao@cbbc.org.cn.
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