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CBBC, UKTI and Chinese partner Shangpin sign MOU to bring British businesses to China via e-commerce channels

BritCham / CBBC
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Shanghai – 8 December 2014. Shangpin, China's leading online B2C fashion retailer and lifestyle platform, has today signed a joint MOU with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) to bring British businesses to China via Shangpin.com.  
The Memorandum of Understanding will enhance cross-border trade between the UK and China, providing Shangpin’s support and expertise to British companies, with preferential perks. The scope of the MOU also extends to implementing dedicated British-themed marketing initiatives across Shangpin’s B2C and mobile commerce platforms. 
The MOU comes at a time when the British government is gearing up for the GREAT Festival of Creativity that will take place in Shanghai, March 2015. The GREAT Festival will showcase the best of British creativity and how British and Chinese companies make the best business partners across a variety of sectors including design, education, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, luxury, technology and more. 
Shangpin has a unique position in China as the first full-priced online retailer and B2C platform focused on international fashion and lifestyle brands. Unlike other Chinese online retailers, Shangpin actively works with celebrities, key opinion leaders and fashion bloggers to raise awareness of its foreign brand partners among China’s burgeoning online consumer market, reaching over 61 million people in just one recent campaign for Topshop. 
David Zhao, CEO of Shangpin, said: “Our hugely successful online launch of iconic British brand Topshop through Shangpin.com was a milestone in Chinese retail history. Topshop is one of many leading international brands now looking to enter China via online platforms instead of opting for a traditional bricks-and-mortar presence. 
"Chinese ecommerce and social media marketing are hard for foreign brands to crack, so a local partner is essential. With this MOU, we hope to bring even more British brands into China. Our unique offer that provides everything a brand needs to enter a new market - our online retail platform, social media marketing, and partnerships with Chinese celebrity brand ambassadors - is a one-stop shop of local support, ready-built customer bases, and on-the-ground marketing."  
M. Claire Chung, vice president of international business development for Shangpin, said: “We are thrilled to be working with UKTI and CBBC to introduce Britannia’s finest to Chinese fashion-lovers. Shangpin is vastly different from the other B2C platforms in China, which sell everything from dog food to clothing on the same crowded site. A foreign brand entering China will have low brand awareness and would get buried on most Chinese B2C trading platforms, where they compete against better-known Asian and local brands. Shangpin focuses on a more refined proposition – concentrating on current season fashions, offering our customers only the best brands from around the world. From street fashion to fast fashion to premium designer looks, our goal is to provide a wide range of styles as our customers grow with us, not only in increased spending power but also in their fashion tastes. We leverage our celebrity connections and fashion influence network to support our brand partners as they enter unknown territory.” 
Dominic Jermey, CEO of UKTI, said: “The UK has a strong heritage for producing high-quality goods and services, creating huge demand for British brands across the globe. We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Shangpin on this MoU and, in so doing, responding to the increasing demands of the discerning Chinese for British brands and, at the same time, supporting UK brands to trade successfully on Shangpin’s e-marketplace.”
Stephen Phillips, chief executive of CBBC, said: “The UK’s reputation for excellence, innovation and design is well recognised in China, where a rapidly growing group of sophisticated consumers are drawn to our globally renowned brands and companies. We are delighted to be cooperating with Shangpin on this MoU, to make it even easier for UK companies to access one of China’s most highly-regarded e-commerce platforms.”
Press reports on the agreement can be found in the attachment below.
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