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CBRE Launches "Save a Child's Life" For the 7th Consecutive Year in China

BritCham / CBBC
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CBRE announced today that it will launch the “Save a Child’s Life” philanthropy programme in China for the year 2013, making this the 7th consecutive year of CBRE’s commitment to the programme. As part of this programme, ten children with congenital heart disease from poor families in Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai and surrounding cities will receive financial support from CBRE.

Over the past six years, more than 60 young children from Hebei, Sichuan, Hubei and Tianjin have benefited from the nationwide “Save a Child’s Life” programme, bringing hope for a brand new life to the suffering children and their families via life-saving heart surgeries. To date, CBRE has donated approximately RMB1.4 million to this programme and upon completion of the 2013 programme, the total number of beneficiaries will reach over 70 children.

Chris Brooke, Chairman & CEO, CBRE in China, said:” We strongly believe in our responsibility to making a positive impact upon the community in the long term.  CBRE is dedicated to supporting the communities within which we have business operations. In addition, a philanthropy programme of this nature also encourages and allows our employees to engage in meaningful CSR activities in line with our corporate values. As a responsible corporate citizen, CBRE is committed to bringing about meaningful change to the communities within which we work and to improving the wellbeing of children and their families.”

Anna Liu, General Manager of Operation Blessing China, said: “ Financial assistance towards surgical treatment not only brings health to the children, but also reduces the families burden on finance and the tension on the family can be relieved which subsequently will allow the family unit to build healthy relationships with one another. Over time, Operation Blessing China has seen that a simple and cost-effective surgery could drastically change the quality of life not only for the child, but for the family as a whole. During the past six years, we have received generous support from CBRE in China in relation to the ‘Save a Child’s Life’ programme. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to CBRE for its great support.“

“As a globally renowned international company, CBRE is also dedicated to caring for underprivileged families and children, respecting and valuing the bond between people.  With the support of CBRE, which shares our values, we at OB China are able to combine our common beliefs, goals and vision in helping families in poverty stricken areas of China, giving them hope wherever we can. We also firmly believe that the impact of helping a family, a child, will in turn benefit and be shared within the general community,” added Anna.

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