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China’s Low- Carbon Energy Plan to Cap Energy Use

BritCham / CBBC
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Latest reports indicate that Chinese officials have agreed to a cap on energy consumption levels and will release a comprehensive low-carbon plan later this year.


The Government’s latest Five Year Plan (2011-2015) placed great emphasis on sustainable growth and using the fight against climate change to make the Chinese economy more efficient. Following on from this, the Government is expected to release its low-carbon plan; a key policy document that will set a cap on energy consumption.

Many of China’s five-year CO2, energy and pollution targets have already been set and with the approval of the cap level, China will have a robust blueprint to limit its soaring carbon emissions; currently accounting for a quarter of the world’s total.

Reuters reports that the energy cap will be set at 4.1bn tones of coal equivalent (TCE) by 2015, 25% higher than last year. According to sources, a level of anything above 4bn is higher than many would expect, and the 4.1bn shows that China taking its commitment to mitigate climate change seriously.

The cap is also expected to make it easier for provinces to understand the targets they need to meet and make pilot emissions trading schemes in the six provinces and cities of Guangdong Hubei, Tianjin, Beijing, Chongqing and Shanghai more effective. The Government wants to avoid a repetition of last year when many provinces franticly shut down plants in an effort to meet the environmental targets of the previous Five Year Plan. It is yet to be confirmed whether there will be individual energy and carbon targets for different provinces.


Source: Reuters, The Guardian

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