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Selling British goods to Chinese consumers at home and abroad

Luxury shopping in the UK is a favourite pastime of Chinese consumers. Britain’s rich heritage includes luxury manufacturers, Royal Warrant-holders, and world-famous brands from Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Choo to Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.
British food and drink is renowned for its quality. Chinese consumers, assured by the freshness and reliability of our produce, are increasingly keen to buy new and reputed foreign brands domestically.
CBBC has identified retail as a key sector for Sino-UK growth for three main reasons:
  • China is taking measures to transform its economy to a consumption-based model;
  • Chinese consumers and developers want differentiation and new brands on the high street;
  • E-commerce holds huge potential in China (as underlined by the MoU signed by UKTI with Alibaba’s online platform Tmall during the Prime Minister’s visit in December 2013).
The CBBC China Consumer Group offers British luxury brands and food and drink retailers the ideal conditions to attract and interact with Chinese buyers. It is part of a dedicated two-year retail campaign hosted by CBBC and UKTI, which aims to help British companies understand Chinese consumer behaviour, learn how to engage successfully with Chinese consumers at home and abroad, and raise awareness of their British brands among their target groups in China.
A group visit to China will be arranged as part of the China Consumer Group programme. Opportunities will be provided to meet specific Chinese consumer groups, for example at exclusive CBBC matchmaking events. The scale of CBBC’s experience and industry contacts in China gives our members access to wider marketing channels and more cost-effective group reconnaissance missions.
Who should join the China Consumer Group?
  • Retail brands
  • Hotel groups
  • Airlines
  • Customer-facing corporate members of CBBC
Service providers with relevant expertise or business interests are also very welcome to register their interest in the group, so that we can involve you in our programme on an ad hoc basis. 
Membership of the China Consumer Group is by invitation only. The group will be led by Fenella Barber (fenella.barber@cbbc.org) in London and Xin Wen (xin.wen@cbbc.org.cn) in Beijing. To register your interest, please email Lily Yang in London at lily.Yang@cbbc.org.

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