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China to Invest £400bn to Overcome Water Shortages

BritCham / CBBC
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China’s water resources minister, Jiao Yong has stated that the country intends to invest nearly £400bn in the next 10 years to overcome water shortages that threaten the country’s economic growth.,
China’s continuing growth is putting immense pressure on the country’s water supplies. 40% of its rivers are badly polluted and the remaining 60% only reach category three water quality standards. Supplies are also sharply divided in the country, with some major cities in the north such as Beijing and Tianjin having less water per person than many water stressed cities in the south. China’s northern plain suffers from regular droughts, while farming areas in the south are subjected to annual flooding. In major cities along the Pearl Delta River, there are sufficient supplies of water, but much of it is too polluted to drink because the area is a major industrial zone.

The government plans to build more water transfer projects, hydroelectric dams and increase efforts to ensure a supply of safe drinking water. A £40 billion south-to-north project that will divert water to the drought-stricken region around China's capital, is currently under construction. 46,000 reservoirs need to be rebuilt or reinforced to stop flooding in farmlands and ensure there is enough water for irrigation. Another $15 million is also needed to reinforce and protect China’s Three Gorges Dam project from pollution and earthquakes.  

Source: The Telegraph

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