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China Tomorrow

China Tomorrow
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The CBBC ‘China 20:20’ Business Forum held during the Shanghai World Expo 2010 examined China's aspirations for 2020 and the challenges and opportunities for Chinese and UK organisations. 2011 sees the start of the new decade leading to 2020 and the future comes with challenges, uncertainties – and opportunities.

Further to the recent ‘China Tomorrow’ activities coordinated by CBBC, a series of thought leadership articles by UK and Chinese experts have been commissioned to appear in our magazine over the coming months. These articles in the ‘China Tomorrow: Vision 2020’ series will project what the future might hold for China in 2020 in a number of key areas.

Articles will be contributed by eminent business leaders, economists, scientists and environmentalists and member organisations of CBBC and BCCC, forecasting different elements of the UK-China landscape in 2020. Contributions that are co-authored by UK and Chinese counterparts in the same field are encouraged.

Each article will first appear in this magazine, and then a selection will be compiled in a special, bilingual standalone publication. These articles will not only showcase thought leadership in the UK and China, but also highlight the opportunities for increased co-operation between the two countries across a variety of social and economic areas.

This first article in the series looks at the globalisation of higher education and how it will tighten UK-China ties.

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