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City of London publishes paper on RMB business volumes

BritCham / CBBC
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The City of London has published a Policy Practitioner Paper on "London RMB business volumes January-June 2013".
The publication, which can be read at the link below, continues the series commissioned by the City of London Corporation describing the development of the renminbi market in London. It is an interim report covering the first half of 2013 and giving an update on three principal RMB product and service categories: trade related services, foreign exchange and deposits.
A more detailed report covering the full year 2013 and a wider set of data will be published in spring 2014. Following the methodology of the earlier reports, the data is collected in a way designed to capture the unique nature of London as a leading Western centre for RMB and international financial centre.
Please see the link here for the full paper.
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