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"The idea of collaboration is one of the most current and exciting initiatives in education today, and also the wider business field," says Colin Maclean, Creative Director at China Club HQ, a Glasgow based company that specialises in online education. "Indeed, the principal of collaboration is one of the central benefits that we promote to those interested in our programme. That is, we are very keen that our members are able to communicate with and learn from one another, wherever they may be in the world."

China Club HQ, a CBBC member, began developing its programme in 2009 ahead of a formal launch in early 2010. The programme, which is regularly updated and delivered entirely online, includes a lively online magazine exploring life in China today, a cross-curricular resource bank to support integrated learning, and of course the dedicated collaboration section where members can effectively create their own websites on which to host their own uniquely-created content. The programme is now used by just under 500 schools across the UK, representing a current user base of around 65,000.

For the next stage of development, the company is keen to engage with adult learners and businesses. In this context the company wishes to invite interested CBBC members to get in touch. "We're very keen to link up with business across the UK," Colin explains. "We're hoping to provide a space where a wide range of British companies can communicate directly with China Club HQ's users, and to demonstrate just what's possible in today's rapidly changing world."

To find out more about the ChinaClub HQ programme or to get involved, visit www.chinaclubhq.com or contact Colin directly on colin@chinaclubhq.com

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