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Cooperating on Carbon

Cooperating on Carbon
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As a result of work between embassies and initiatives created by UKTI, British companies are at the forefront of new low-carbon solutions in China. This is of particular importance in the area of carbon trading.

UK professional services companies have been highly effective in helping Chinese businesses negotiate the complex carbon credit trading market, as well as helping prospective buyers find the right vendors. This kind of consultative, research-based input is something UK professional services companies thrive on. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was engaged by a leading European investment bank that was considering the acquisition of a carbon credit trader in China. The bank wanted an insight into the trader’s portfolio of sites and in particular the management and operational challenges at each that could impact the value of its investments.

The PwC team was tasked with the groundwork: conducting carbon due diligence around some 46 projects, covering coal mine methane, wind power, hydropower, waste incineration, landfill gas, and energy efficiency. Eight were selected for site visits, and PwC professionals examined in-depth the way the projects worked and their potential to generate carbon credits under CDM rules. The PwC input enabled the bank to decide whether to proceed with the acquisition.

Expertise in these complex fields – built on a detailed understanding of international regulations and sustainability – will prove vital to Chinese businesses as they seek to take up the opportunities that carbon trading presents.

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