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CSR Forum: “Risk and Reward in the Austerity Era”

BritCham / CBBC
Event type CSR Forum
Date Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Time 19:00-21:00
Open for All welcome
Cost Members 50 RMB Non-Members 50 RMB
Contacts sharpen.shuai@cbbc.org.cn
Venue The Bookworm
Organiser BritCham / CBBC
Address No. 4 Courtyard, Sanlitun South Street, Beijing (Tel. 6586 9507)
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BritCham/CBBC members are warmly invited to join the British Chamber of Commerce’s CSR Forum and friends of The Bookworm for a new year party on Thursday 27 February.
We will debate which resolutions you should make to avert risk and embrace reward in 2014. A star-studded panel of sparring partners will discuss how the austerity era under the Xi administration will affect your organisation. Detailed recommendations on how to capitalise on tantalising new opportunities will be revealed. 
Dumplings will be served, and a toast of hot water made to the Year of the Horse in the spirit of austerity and all-round corporate belt-tightening!
Places are limited, so please sign up early by contacting sharpen.shuai@cbbc.org.cn.
7:00 Hot dumplings and hot water 
7:30 Debate on “Risk and Reward: Government, Media and Social Responsibility in the Austerity Era”
A panel consisting of Carma Elliot (Head of the British Council), Wang Liwei (CEO of Charitarian) and Sammy Fang (Head of Regulatory, DLA Piper) will discuss:
RISKS - What NGOs, CEOs and diplomats need to avoid in 2014
1) Legislative and practical shifts in corporate policy in the austerity era
2) What sorts of gifts/dinners officials and employees need to declare
3) What are companies doing in China re. UK Bribery Act/FCPA compliance?
4) What has really changed in internal risk systems since Xi started his 21 yuan lunches?
5) Increasing requirements for CSR disclosure under UK/US/Indian legislation
REWARDS - How NGOs, CEOs and diplomats can engage government in 2014
1) The connection between CSR and government relations
2) The role of media and public relations
3) What opportunities are there in the new "philanthropy to profit" model?
4) Which companies are exemplars in embracing the austerity era in China?
5) How does Xi's austerity era help companies align with global credit crunch reality?
8:30: Questions and Answers from the audience
9:00: Close of proceedings
Speaker biographies
Carma Elliot (OBE), Minister of Culture & Education Section of the British Embassy
Carma Elliot was a career diplomat from 1987-2010 working in a wide variety of roles from trade and investment to ministerial visits, economic relations, climate change and government relations. Her final three postings were Head of Post in Jeddah, Chongqing and Shanghai. Carma then went on to become Executive Director at China’s largest international NGO, the Half the Sky Foundation (2010-2013). With 1,500 staff working in 52 cities across China and a budget of $20 million, Carma led a major transformation project in which all operational staff would transition to Chinese government employment. In addition, she managed a $7million programme to train and certify every child welfare worker in China – a programme affecting one million children in care.
Carma joined the British Council in April 2013 and took up her post as Country Director, China in August 2013. 
Wang Liwei, CEO Charitarian and Honorary Vice-Mayor, Guanxian County
Wang had the foresight to set up Charitarian media to explain civil society to China's new rich in 2006. He used the magazine as a platform to meet officials, state media and foreign companies to influence their strategies in poverty alleviation and social responsibility. Multi-stakeholder international relations established in this field enabled Wang to set up the innovative rural teacher training project in 2010 in conjunction with the British School of Beijing. This programme arranges cultural exchanges for 200 teachers from rural state schools at international private schools in Beijing per year. The programme has received an award from the BMW Foundation, Munich, and is funded largely by Nord Anglia.
Wang's confluence of government, media and corporate connections makes him a regular commentator on civil society in Chinese and international media. He has advised 23 international NGOs on their set-up in China, and many international companies on their CSR programmes. He is a regular speaker on civil society in the US and Europe.
Sammy Fang, Partner and Head of Regulatory Practice, DLA Piper, Beijing
For the last year Sammy has worked 24/7 on China's key risk cases. He heads DLA Piper's Regulatory group in Beijing. He is familiar with the court systems in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, US and China. He began practising in Australia in 1996 and since 2001 has worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Since 2009, Sammy has developed a unique practice within China that focuses on disputes/problems, regulatory compliance and investigations, ranging from US securities litigation to product liability, crisis management, other specialised investigations (such as whistle-blower, internal investigations, white collar crime, FCPA, and Customs), arbitration, outbound litigation and general regulatory and compliance.
His experience covers a wide range of industries (such as US securities, telecommunications, software and IT/IP, motor vehicle manufacturing, consumer products, industrial product manufacturing, retail, insurance, petroleum, mining, banking, consulting, and print and cable television media).

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