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Dulwich College Beijing seeks sponsorship for Beijing Youth Opera

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The Beijing Youth Orchestra was formed at Dulwich College Beijing in 2009.  It consists of students from seven schools who work together with 35 of the most gifted and talented musicians from the China and Central Conservatoires.  Students gain knowledge and experience by working with the very talented young musicians of China. The goal is to combine the very different stylistic approaches of the West and the East in an experimental way.  

To help support the futher education and future of the young Chinese musicians while studying at the China Conservatoire each member is paid Y700 per BYO Concert.  This money helps the students and gives the international community a chance to give something back to the host musicans.

Dulwich College Beijing is currently search searching for the following sponsorhips:

Concert Sponsor:   Y30,000
Sponsorship of one BYO concert held either at Dulwich College Beijing or another International school

Annual Sponsor:  Y100,000  
Sponsorship of 5 BYO concerts per academic year held either at Dulwich College Beijing or another International School
•  Sponsorship of any other concerts that BYO are involved in during the academic year, including but not restricted to ISCMS Festival at The Forbidden City Concert Hall

Why your company should consider sponsoring The Beijing Youth Orchestra (BYO)
Sponsoring the BYO is a great opportunity to build company awareness and maximise exposure. Sponsorship includes the following:

  • Exposure defined audience by having your company logo included in all BYO advertising materials, including flyers, posters, programmes and tickets.
  • Establish new contacts and strengthen relationship within the community
  • Receive 10 Free tickets to the concert(s)
  • Have an area assigned to display sponsors advertising materials at the concert
  • An opportunity to network with the community, by hosting a pre concert gathering for the sponsor’s invited guests, with private music performance and wine
  • Be involved in the ultimate goal of having international students and Chinese students working together to achieve incredible results.

More detailed information can be found in the attachment below

Dulwich College Beijing


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