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EC Harris releases market insight report on China's built environment

BritCham / CBBC
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EC Harris, the global built asset consultancy, has released a report titled "What will the Year of the Horse mean for China's built environment?" In the report it forecasts nine themes we might expect to see play out in China this year.
The forecasts relate variously to multinationals in China, the emerging middle class, logistics, the environment, urban redevelopment, elderly care, airport planning, and outbound investment.
According to EC Harris, the spirit of the horse - a symbol of endurance, a work ethic and continuous improvement - will be essential if China is to emerge from its comparative slowdown and keep on top of the 12th Five-Year Plan.
Read the full report below in English or Chinese.
EC Harris is a leading global built asset consultancy. As an ARCADIS company, we have access to 22,000 employees and more than €2.5 billion in revenues. Working across a wide range of market sectors, we help our clients make the most from the money they spend on built assets. Our goal is to generate the best possible outcomes for our clients, our people and the communities in which we work. We have been working in the Asia-Pacific market for more than 30 years and can call upon the skills of 4,000 professionals based across 50 offices within the wider region.
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