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Education is an area in which China and the UK both enjoy worldwide renown. Now, as China’s growth calls for ever-more sophisticated technical skills and research, British institutions are forging deeper ties with Chinese counterparts across this sector, from training programmes to university exchange partnerships and research collaboration.
CBBC has identified education as a key sector for Sino-UK growth. The Chinese education sector is a large and growing market in which the UK has much both to offer and to gain.
British universities and colleges will discover demand for exchanges and research. Training organisations will find a market for internationally recognised qualifications. Institutions of all kinds will continue to see a widespread appetite for English-language teaching.
The CBBC Education Programme 2014 consists of reciprocal UK-China visits covering three key markets. It offers a broad syllabus of activities to enable British educational institutions to gain access to these markets and to engage with universities, colleges and businesses from across China.
The programme will provide you with:
Find the openings that are relevant to you by discovering China’s trends, needs and initiatives.
  • Establish partnerships with educational institutions across China
  • Attract more Chinese students to courses at British universities and colleges
  • Investigate cooperation in research and how this can help tackle global issues
Develop relationships by attending delegations and meeting prospective counterparts face to face. 
  • Establish trust by deepening your personal connections in China
  • Cultivate important and lasting relationships with Chinese colleagues and peers
  • Build rapport with companies that want to work with your organisation or alumni
Find practical applications for your expertise by making use of CBBC’s deep network of contacts and connections. 
  • Gain unique access to specialist universities and colleges in Tier 1 and regional cities
  • Discuss opportunities to design joint curricula and vocational training programmes
  • Develop long-term partnerships with Chinese universities and colleges
Who will benefit from participating?
  • University heads in charge of programme or curriculum development
  • Vocational college or department managers seeking international collaboration
  • Academics and researchers in specialist fields, e.g. advanced engineering, healthcare
  • Institutions interested in attracting Chinese postgraduates to the UK

Registration and enquiries

For further information or to register for the programme, please contact giles.blackburne@cbbc.org (UK); simon.stewart@cbbc.org.cn (Shanghai); or charlie.zeng@cbbc.org.cn (Beijing).


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