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Education tender invitation: UK-China Government Prosperity Fund

BritCham / CBBC
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In November 2015, the UK Government announced a £1.3 billion Prosperity Fund over the next five years to promote the economic reform and development needed for growth in partner countries. As well as contributing to a reduction in poverty in recipient countries, the reforms are expected to create commercial opportunities for international businesses and institutions, including those from the UK. 
The Prosperity Fund education programme in China is centered on supporting education reform to further sustainable development of China and the objectives of the most recent Five Year Plan. Alignment with UK expertise and strengths is expected to provide new market opportunities for UK education businesses and institutions to increase education exports to China.
The Invitation To Tender seeks to find suitable suppliers for the provision of two (2) scoping studies that will deliver clear, robust and evidenced recommendations on a chosen area of education in China. These studies will identify potential commercial opportunities and benefits for UK engagement. They will inform the design and development of activity in a prospective, multi-million pound Prosperity Fund education programme in China over the subsequent years of the Fund (2017-21). 
The intention is for the scoping studies to commence no later than 28 October 2016, so that completion of all outputs and submission of report occurs no later than 10 February 2017.
There are two (2) scoping studies covering different areas of education to bid for. Suppliers can bid for either or both of these studies. The budget for each scoping study is up to £40,000.
a. Area 1 - Early years education
b. Area 2 - STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) 
The invitation to tender is being jointly managed by the British Council and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in Beijing. Successful suppliers will enter into agreements with the UK Government, through the FCO in Beijing. Any funding for this programme will constitute Official Development Assistance.
The deadline for proposal submissions is 10:00 AM GMT / 5:00 PM Beijing time on Friday 7 October 2016.
For full details please see the British Council's website here.
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