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Employee Selection Service

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What is the Employee Selection Service?

Selecting the right employee for a key position within your company in China is crucial to your success. With many years of experience gained from running its successful Launchpad Service, CBBC is well placed to help.

CBBC’s Employee Selection Service can help you identify key management staff for your business in China. The service includes drafting job descriptions, advice on salary expectations, posting the opportunity on key Chinese recruitment websites, sifting applications, short-listing candidates and providing accommodation for interviews within CBBC’s China office network.

What does the service cover?

  • Advice on drafting job advertisements, prevailing salary rates and posting adverts onto Chinese recruitment websites
  • Short-listing candidates according to your requirements, which includes  impartial feedback from CBBC management on 8 - 10 candidates
  • Candidate Liaison – to include: interview scheduling; facilitating interview feedback; arranging second interviews and delivery of decisions
  • Providing accommodation for interviews in China along with pre- and post-interview de-brief
  • CBBC representative on final interview panel as an impartial adviser

For further details contact Ariana Zhang on Tel: +8110 8525 1111

Members can also post job adverts on our website. See the Jobs page for more details.

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