Meeting China’s energy generation and power consumption demands necessitates not only securing new sources of energy but, just as importantly, developing cleaner sources energy and transmitting and utilizing all energy and power more efficiently while also reducing harmful emissions into the air, water and soil. China’s state-level planning and leadership understand these requirements only too well as energy underpins the leadership’s policy and plans driving large scale urbanization, increasing domestic consumption, higher value and more productive industries and services, along with healthier lifestyles.    

CBBC’s Energy Forum invites member companies to join members involved in energy-related equipment, services and solutions at any point along the complete energy chain (exploration, harvesting and transportation of traditional and alternative sources of energy; processing of solid, liquid or gaseous fuels; power generation, transmission and distribution; and cleaner and more efficient energy and power usage) to join our platform for information, discussion and activities.



Forum's Objectives

The Energy Forum strives to focus on "raising water for all boats” by sharing important market information, flagging policy and regulatory updates, and discussing strategies and best practices for UK firms to help gain a foothold and expand their businesses in China’s energy sectors and segments.

The forum meets at least once a quarter, and hosts expert speakers and roundtable discussions. We aim to:

- help build consensus within the British energy business community on important business issues for members;

- help develop strategic dialogue with relevant Chinese government officials, academics and businesses on issues including access, opportunities, regulatory and administrative procedures; 

- help members get to know each other better for potential cooperative business efforts under BritCham/CBBC and "British quality" umbrella branding.

Forum Chairs
Paul  Atherley
Paul Atherley

Paul Atherley. Paul is the major shareholder and Managing Director of AIM and ASX listed Leyshon Resources Limited. He has lived and worked in Beijing since 2003 and has been responsible for pioneering Leyshon’s activities in China. Leyshon developed the first Sino Foreign Gold mine in the northern...

Andrew Christie
Andrew Christie

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