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Event Calendar July/August

Event Calendar July/August
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China Events

July 5-7

What: China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair

Where: Lanzhou

More Info: sophie.bao@cbbc.org

China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair is one of the most important fairs in north-west China, and CBBC will be represented for members who want to join us or promote their company.

July 13

What: PROPAK China 2011

Where: Shanghai

More Info: janette.fagg@ppma.co.uk

Propak China is a major event for the packaging sector. UKTI Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) funding is available for eligible companies.

July 13

What: China Bevtec

Where: Shanghai

More Info: info@bfbi.org.uk

This major event for the brewing sector takes place in Shanghai. UKTI Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) funding is available for eligible companies.

July 22

What: Speaker in the House

Where: Beijing

More Info: yuchi.chen@cbbc.org.cn

Mr Stephen Twining, the 10th generation of the Twinings tea family, is in Beijing to talk about global trends in tea consumption and how it has changed modern-day lifestyles.

August 30

What: Beijing International Book Fair

Where: Beijing

More Info: gbailey@publishers.org.uk

The Beijing International Book Fair is now considered by many as one of the top four international book fairs in the world. This is a great promotional opportunity for publishers and those in the creative industries and media.


UK Events

5-20 July

What: China-UK SME Forum: Regional Roadshow

Where: Around the UK

More Info: www.cbbc.org/what_we_do/events/uk_events

These regional roadshows are the place to gain the latest information on the opportunities for SMEs in China’s regional cities and China as a whole. Events will be held in the North West on 5 July, Leeds on 11 July and Cambridge on 20 July.

11 July

What: CBBC Members’ Dinner in Scotland with Ambassador Liu Xiaoming

Where: Glasgow

More Info: tracy.baird@cbbc.org

The will be an exclusive opportunity for CBBC members to listen to Ambassador Liu Xiaoming address Scottish businesses on China’s current business and economic environment, and his plans and thoughts on future commercial ties between China and Scotland.


Save the Date: Regional Cities

From late August to mid-October, CBBC is delighted to offer members of CBBC and British Chamber of Commerce in Beijing an extensive programme of visits to key regional cities across China. The programme incorporates the annual visit of CBBC’s Chairman, Sir David Brewer.




1-5 September


1st China-Eurasia Expo

6-11 September


7th Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo




China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT)




Nanjing Mayor’s Forum




High-level meetings with senior officials




High-level meetings with senior officials and Going Global Seminars




High-level meetings with senior officials



Hong Kong

High-level meetings with senior officials



Guangzhou and PRD

Autumn 110th Canton Fair

To register interest please email manuella.machado@cbbc.org

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