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The Great British Brands Festival 2015: now in 7 Chinese cities

BritCham / CBBC
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One of a kind in China, the CBBC Great British Brands Festival series is an invaluable opportunity to showcase and sell your Great British products to countless affluent consumers across China.
Whether you’re selling the finest foods, the fastest cars, the most fashionable outfits or any other British product, the Great British Brands Festival will enable you to associate your brand with everything that makes Britain great in the eyes of the Chinese public. 
Who can exhibit?
Any company selling British consumer products is eligible for a stall. We are particularly keen this year to highlight companies in these fields:
  • Automotive
  • Children's and baby-care products
  • Food and drink
  • Homeware
  • Menswear
  • Women's fashion
Prospective sellers are advised to apply early to book a spot (first come, first served).
Where will it be held?
Following the success of the festival in three cities in 2014, we are expanding across China, with events provisionally planned for:
  • Chongqing (Apr)
  • Changchun (May)
  • Beijing (Jun)
  • Changsha (Jul)
  • Shenzhen (Sept)
  • Chengdu (Oct)
  • Guangzhou (Nov)
Why exhibit at a Great British Brands Festival?
  • Sell directly to, and interact with, thousands of Chinese consumers in your target region.
  • Position your brand alongside world-famous British brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Morgan, Marks & Spencer, Twinings, Grosvenor, Jeffery West and United Biscuits.
  • Increase brand recognition. Your logo will be distributed through various channels among thousands of British Chamber/CBBC members and associates.
  • Gain extensive media coverage. Over 30 press organisations covered the events in 2013-14, including the Daily Telegraph, Sky News, BBC News, Xinhua News Agency and Beijing TV.
  • Benefit from strong relationships with local trade and development bureaus, commissions of commerce, district governments, local shopping centres and local commercial partners in each city.
“For me it was a very successful event and it certainly broadened my outlook on the way the Chinese perceive British products (in a very positive manner!)”
Roger Martini-Facio, Idea Coffee China
Exhibitor at The Great British Brands Festival, Beijing, 2014
How to get involved
If your company has a presence in China, please contact anna.tian@cbbc.org.cn to reserve your place or to find out more. Otherwise please contact kirk.wilson@cbbc.org.cn.
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