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Great British Brands Festival and UK-China Retail Forum successfully held in Guangzhou

BritCham / CBBC
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Organised by the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) in cooperation with the PRC Ministry of Commerce, the 2016 Great British Brands Festival series visited Guangzhou from 9 to 18 September.
On 13 September, during the festival, CBBC worked with Savills, the British property advisory firm, to organise the UK-China Retail Forum which looked at the future of offline retail.
Leg 5 of the Great British Brands Festival gets underway in Guangzhou
Over 40 emerging and established British brands were on sale at Happy Valley shopping centre during the 10-day festival. Jeff Astle, executive director of CBBC was joined at the opening ceremony by Matthew Rous, UK consul-general in Guangzhou, Woody Lam, managing director of Savills Southern China, and counterparts from the Guangdong Department of Commerce and Tianhe District.
Exploring the future of offline retail: the 2016 UK-China Retail Forum
In recent years, the offline retail industry has come under pressure from various quarters, be it increases in rent and wages or the onslaught of e-commerce. Offline retailers are facing unprecedented challenges. The 2016 UK-China Retail Forum, an important part of this year's Great British Brands Festival, was held in the Guangzhou Westin Hotel on 13 September, organised by CBBC and Savills. Government bodies, trade associations, shopping centres and brand-owners from both countries were represented at the forum, where industry insiders discussed the present development and upcoming trends of retail in China. 
Address by Demi Ping, CBBC's retail and e-commerce head in China
At the forum, Steven Zhang, senior manager of Savills Guangzhou Retail, delivered a keynote speech on strategies for offline retail development, in which he talked about optimising the trade mix, creating situational stores and upgrading the experiential scene.
Eva Zheng of the UK Department for International Trade in Guangzhou introduced a few impressive case studies of the experience economy, while her colleague Cherry Che gave an introduction to the investment environment in the UK retail industry.
A panel of representatives from Savills Shenzhen, the Guangdong Chain Operations Association, the Gentlemen's Club and Guangzhou Friendship Group Co Ltd discussed how offline retailers can resolve their predicament and address the future of the industry.
Woody Lam, managing director of Savills Southern China, speaks at the forum
"It was our great honour to join hands again with CBBC to host the UK-China Retail Forum, providing a platform for the retail industry to explore the future of retail development," commented Woody Lam, managing director of Savills Southern China. 
With thanks to Savills:
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