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The Great British Brands Festival (Chongqing)

BritCham / CBBC
Event type CBBC Great British Brands Festival Series
Date Friday, April 24th, 2015 to Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
Time 10 days
Open for All welcome
Contacts anna.tian@cbbc.org.cn; +86 (0) 10 8525 1111 ext. 379
Venue STAGE Shopping Centre, Chongqing
Organiser BritCham / CBBC
Address Guanyin Qiao Pedestrian Street, Jiangbei District
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Following its success in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu in 2014, the Great British Brands Festival is expanding to eight cities across China this year, of which Chongqing will be its first leg.
Starting on Friday 24 April, the Chongqing GBBF will run for 10 days until Sunday 3 May (over the May Day holiday). STAGE, a busy shopping centre in Jiangbei Guanyinqiao, the key business area of Chongqing, famous for its high-end brands, has been selected as the venue to maximise footfall for exhibitors and sellers.
STAGE Shopping Centre, central Chongqing
Whether you’re selling the finest foods, the fastest cars, the most fashionable outfits or any other British product, the CBBC Great British Brands Festival will enable you to showcase and sell your Great British products to consumers in the heart of West China, and associate your brand with everything that makes Britain great in the eyes of the Chinese public.
“For me it was a very successful event and it certainly broadened my outlook on the way the Chinese perceive British products (in a very positive manner!)”
Roger Martini-Facio, Idea Coffee China
Exhibitor at the Great British Brands Festival, Beijing
*Prospective sellers are advised to apply early. Please contact us by 10 April to book your spot (first come, first served).
Who can sell products at the Festival?
Any company selling British consumer products is eligible for a free booth, although priority will be given to CBBC members. We are particularly keen this year to highlight companies in these fields:
  • Automotive
  • Food and drink
  • Education
  • Women’s fashion
  • Menswear
  • Homeware
  • Children’s and baby-care products
Where will it be held?
The festival will take place in STAGE (pictured below) in Chongqing’s busiest business centre, Guanyinqiao, which takes over RMB 200 billion per year in sales and records daily footfall of 350,000. STAGE is at the foot of Guanyinqiao Pedestrian Street, just at the exit of the Metro station. As a leading shopping mall for international fashion brands, it boasts a range of high-end designer brands such as Maria Luisa, Neil Barrett, ATTOS, D2C and NY. 
For the Great British Brands Festival Chongqing, we have invited British designers to design the venue, which will be themed as a British garden. The area will be characterised and animated by full-height, bold images of British flowers and gardens, as well as 3D ornaments. STAGE offers a broad-reaching platform on which to introduce your Great British products to local consumers and to strengthen your brand image in West China. 
What are the options and benefits available to sellers?
Options to display your products or services at the Chongqing GBBF include the following:
A. Standard package with open floor space (example shown below)
2.5m x 2.0m space to display your products for the duration of the festival (10 days)
Example of standard space (for illustration only)
B. Extra space
We will be happy to provide you with more space to display your brands for an extra fee (another half of the exhibition fee per extra 2.5m x 2m space).
Floor plan
The benefits of taking a booth include:
  • Direct exposure to consumers. You will be able to sell directly to, and interact with, thousands of Chinese consumers on-site for 10 consecutive days;
  • Positioning alongside world-famous British brands. Associate with names such as Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin and Twinings;
  • Pre-event marketing. Your logo will be distributed through various channels among thousands of CBBC members and associates;
  • Support from influential organisers. The event is organised by the China-Britain Business Council with support from UK Trade & Investment and STAGE Shopping Centre.
Fees can be confirmed upon receipt of your registration form (please email Anna Tian, shown below) as they vary depending on your requirements. Exhibitors will be charged a basic booth fee by CBBC. A reduction is available for multi-city bookings. 
How to get involved
Please contact anna.tian@cbbc.org.cn by 10 April to reserve your place or to find out more.
Tips to get the most from the CBBC Great British Brands Festival
  • Take your own sales team. CBBC can help you arrange sales staff for a small fee (please inform us of your requirements) but why not take advantage of your own team’s expertise? This will enable you to engage with visitors and directly convey to them the story behind your brand.
  • Trial new products. Test customers’ reactions first-hand to gauge your wider sales prospects in South China.
  • Incorporate a PR activity. For a small fee, CBBC can help you organise a promotional activity such as a catwalk, a cooking demo or a car show to ensure that all eyes - and press cameras - are on your company at the festival.
  • Hold a private event alongside the festival. We have a number of facilities for you to entertain guests privately against the backdrop of this uniquely British event. Please ask for details.
  • Secure a prime spot or extend your plot. For a small amount extra, you can position yourself more prominently in the sales area to attract more customers and to highlight your products. Please contact us for more details.
  • Enlist bespoke services or support from us. Whatever your requirements, CBBC will strive to ensure you profit from the festival. Please enquire to discuss specific requirements.
Upcoming Great British Brands Festivals
The Great British Brands Festival will take place in eight cities across China in 2015:
  • Chongqing (Apr)
  • Changchun (May)
  • Beijing (Jun)
  • Changsha (Jul)
  • Shenzhen (Sept)
  • Chengdu (Oct)
  • Guangzhou (Nov)
For full details please see the attachment below.


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