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The Great British Brands Festival: Leg 5 (Guangzhou)

BritCham / CBBC
Event type CBBC Great British Brands Festival Series
Date Friday, September 9th, 2016 to Sunday, September 18th, 2016
Time 10 days
Open for All welcome
Contacts rita.huang@cbbc.org.cn; (0) 20 8883 2120 ext. 808
Venue Happy Valley Shopping Centre
Organiser BritCham / CBBC
Address Guangzhou
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The fifth offline leg of CBBC's annual Great British Brands Festival is a 10-day sales exhibition at Happy Valley shopping centre in Guangzhou, the capital of southern Guangdong Province. Organised by the China-Britain Business Council, this a fantastic chance for British companies to look closely at a key consumer market in one of China's major 1st-tier cities, building on the success of previous festivals and CBBC's connections in Guangzhou.
During the brands festival, CBBC will hold an industry forum at the Westin Guangzhou on 'The Future of Offline Retail' with local partners and Chinese and UK companies. This will be on the afternoon of Tuesday 13 September; see more below.
Exhibitors will be able to have goods and designs delivered directly to the venue.
The festival is specifically designed to highlight some of the UK’s finest goods and link "Great British" with "great quality" in the minds of the Chinese customers. As such, all exhibitors and retailers at the event must stand for quality, and must have a strong British heritage or affiliation with the UK. Many products fall in the mid- to high-end range.
UK-China Retail Forum (13 Sept, Westin Guangzhou)
In recent years, the offline retail industry has come under pressure from various quarters, be it increases in rent and wages or the onslaught of e-commerce. Offline retailers are facing unprecedented challenges. Business in many Chinese outlets is dismal and as the status quo changes, so too does the structure of the industry. 
However, according to a report by the consultancy McKinsey, which cites Chinese government data, the Chinese retail industry grew by 10 per cent in 2015, a figure backed by the still-resolute consumer confidence index. So how can offline retailers resolve their predicament? Does the experience economy offer a way out? Can they transform successfully? 
The answers to these questions, as well as the opportunities which they throw up, will be explored in a series of discussion sessions by experts at this year’s UK-China Retail Forum. Attendance is free of charge and the programme and speakers can be found attached below. Contact us as soon as possible to book a seat.

For any further information, please contact CBBC at the address above or see more about the Great British Brands Festival below.


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