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The Great British Brands Festival: Leg 5 (Urumqi)

BritCham / CBBC
Event type CBBC Great British Brands Festival Series
Date Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 to Sunday, August 16th, 2015
Time 5 days
Open for All welcome
Contacts lavender.zhou@cbbc.org.cn; 187 2560 7692
Venue Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo Centre, Urumqi
Organiser BritCham / CBBC
Address Xinjiang
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The fifth leg of the Great British Brands Festival 2015 will run for five days (12 to 16 August) during the 2015 Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo in Urumqi, Xinjiang.

The festival provides British retailers with a unique opportunity to showcase their consumer products to thousands of Urumqi’s increasingly affluent consumers, as well as purchasers from all over China. Whether you’re selling the finest food, furniture, fashionable outfits or any other great British product, the Great British Brands Festival will give you the chance to capitalise on your British roots and associate your brand and products with being a part of what makes Britain great. 

The Urumqi leg of the festival is being co-organised by the China-Britain Business Council, the China Secretariat of the China-Eurasia Expo and the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce. 


The festival will run from 10.00am to 6.30pm from 12 to 16 August inclusive. The opening ceremony will begin at 4.00pm on Wednesday 12 August, attended by CBBC's Chief Executive Stephen Phillips and high-level representatives of the British Embassy, the Xinjiang Bureau of the International Expo, the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and the Xinjiang government.
We strongly encourage brands to be present throughout to promote their brand history and unique selling points, but CBBC can arrange for external sales staff to represent you. Please contact us at the address below.
Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
The Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo is a large national exhibition which has been held for the last four years. In 2014 it was attended by over 25,000 domestic traders and 5,000 from overseas, with footfall of over 300,000. Gross foreign trade amounted to US$6.09 billion, and domestic trade RMB 17.4 billion yuan. For details please visit: http://www.caeexpo.org.
Logistics and storage
Exhibitors can deliver their goods and designs directly to the venue from 5 August. Please contact us before sending the goods to the venue.
Financial procedures
All payments should be managed by the retailers themselves.
Accommodation and transport
Exhibitors should book their own accommodation, but we will recommend hotels. There will be a free bus between hotels and the exhibition centre.
Kyle Wang (王楷): kyle.wang@cbbc.org.cn; 139 8197 3359
Wendy Wei (韦咏梅): wendy.wei@cbbc.org.cn; 136 8810 5191
Lavender Zhou (周娇): lavender.zhou@cbbc.org.cn; 187 2560 7692
Exhibiting companies
The festival is specifically designed to highlight some of the UK’s finest goods and link "Great British" with "great quality" in the minds of the Chinese customers. As such, all exhibitors and retailers at the event must stand for quality, and must have a strong British heritage or affiliation with the UK. Many products fall in the mid- to high-end range.
Twenty-three brands will be on sale in Urumqi: 
Halcyon Days Jewellery
Dipalomo - Aromatherapy
Eylure - Cosmetics
Miss Gorgeous - Bags
Launer - Leatherwear
Azuni - Vintage Clothing 
Veritas - Gifts
Kent - Hairbrushes 
Fulton - Umbrellas
Classic Canes - Walking Sticks
Benson & Clegg - Buttons, Cufflinks and Braces
LYDC - Bags 
Anna Smith - Clothing
Victoria Eggs - Homeware
Fikkerts - Luxury Care Products
Delphis Eco - Environmental Detergent
Childs Farm - Children's Bathing Products
Shea Mooti - Mother and Child Care Products
XYZ - Educational Games
David Charles - Children’s Clothing
AGATC - Kitchen Ranges
Redfyre Kitchen Ranges
Doulton Royal - Water Purifiers
Joseph Joseph - Homeware
The Great British Brands Festival 2015
The Great British Brands Festival is taking place in eight cities across north, south, east and west China in 2015:
  • Chongqing (Apr)
  • Changchun (May)
  • Beijing (Jun)
  • Changsha (Jul)
  • Urumqi (Aug)
  • Shenzhen (Sept)
  • Chengdu (Oct)
  • Guangzhou (Nov)
Please click here to see the full schedule with further details.


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