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The Hot Seat
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Adrian Li engineers innovative online education solutions.


Adrian first came to China in 1997 during his gap year to study Mandarin. Ten years later, after completing an MBA at Stanford Graduate School for Business, Adrian returned to China to co-found Idapted, a technology-enabled learning company. The company recently worked with the British Council to provide online English training to over 3,000 learners across China. Idapted was acquired by Eleutian in October 2010. Presently the service is the leading provider of one-on-one online English training in China.

Why China?

“China will be the largest market for English training by 2015. With the increasing integration of Chinese businesses in the global economy, English is becoming ever more important. Internet, e-commerce and mobile penetration is also becoming increasingly prevalent, opening up the market for online training even more.”

Entrepreneurship in China

“Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, making every day an adventure. The key is to stay the course through persistence and perseverance. As well as a passion for the business and working closely with the team, it’s important to be able to unwind.”


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