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The Hot Seat: Clear World Energy

The Hot Seat: Clear World Energy
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Dr. Alex Westlake is a leading expert in clean energy and the Clean Development Mechanism in China, and is one of the founders of London-based ClearWorld Energy. ClearWorld Energy develops green businesses to try to change the world’s energy production and consumption. Opening its first office 2004in Beijing, China is the group’s biggest market. In total the group now employs 300 people.

“Innovation, nurturing relationships with core people and plain hard work are at the root of ClearWorld’s business strategy in China,” says Dr. Westlake.

Why China?

“London’s status as a centre of the global carbon market and its leading-edge consumer marketing expertise attracts potential co-operation in China. Making a top-down structural change would have significant positive impact on the direction of global energy usage – and Britain and China have had good success in cooperating in this area.”

Making a Difference in China

“British businesses planning on working here should consider whether they are committed to the effort it takes to get things going. It is important to realize that doing business in China is a marathon, not a sprint. However, the Chinese also value long-term relationships, so the ability to demonstrate long-term commitment helps.”


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