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Jaguar Land Rover China Officially Launches Tailored Service

BritCham / CBBC
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Earlier this month, BritCham- CBBC member Jaguar Land Rover China officially launched its Tailored Service program, which aims to improve after-sales service, enhance the customer experience and exceeding customer expectations. Constant improvements in efficiency and quality have provided Jaguar Land Rover owners with an exclusive and unprecedented experience of privilege. China is Jaguar Land Rover’s first market worldwide to receive the tailored service, demonstrating the company’s long-term commitment to providing Chinese customers with finest after-sales service. To date, fifty dealers have started the new offering with more to follow within the year.

“We have continued to achieve remarkable success in recent years in China and our excellent after-sales service has provided our owners with comfortable driving and riding experiences and a stable relationship with Jaguar Land Rover,” said Bob Grace, President of Jaguar Land Rover China. “Our Tailored Service will drive the quality of after-sales service to a new level and increase our brands’ attractiveness to Chinese consumers.”

Jaguar Land Rover’s Tailored Service aims to greatly enhance customer satisfaction at every service experience. Jaguar and Land Rover owners are able to reserve a time with their personal after-sales assistant and when they arrive at the service center, preparations will have been made in advance. The vehicle will then undergo full-service inspection and maintenance conducted by a team of two specialists utilizing advanced equipment. Tailored Service not only offers exclusivity to owners, but also shortens maintenance time. Further, the system is transparent and reliable; the owner can observe the entire process via video monitors while relaxing in the guest hall. The exclusive after-sales experience and value-added features are guaranteed to provide the owner with a pleasant experience.

To ensure the highest quality of service possible, Jaguar Land Rover China’s Tailored Service operates under strict software and hardware standards. This complete set of service guidelines support workers in coordinating resources and carrying out work at all levels from preparation to final inspection. Additionally, a special technical taskforce, comprised of internationally qualified Tailored Service consultants and technicians, ensures that cars undergoing maintenance timely regain optimal performance.

   In order to provide customers with world-class service, Jaguar Land Rover China set up training academies in both Shanghai and Beijing in 2011, which provide professional training, according to international standards, for more than 5,000 dealer employees every year; the construction of the third training academy is currently underway. Further, an efficient and flexible network of parts distribution is a strong advantage for Jaguar Land Rover China’s after-sales service. To date, there are already four advanced parts distribution centers nationwide, with the fifth to be launched within the year. Always striving for perfection in after-sales service, Jaguar Land Rover China aims to provide owners with the most professional and technical support, and connect each customer with the Jaguar Land Rover brand. While enhancing customer satisfaction, Jaguar Land Rover China continues to strengthen the competitiveness of its brand and promote its strong growth.

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