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JD.com hosts first online Great British Brands Festival

BritCham / CBBC
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This week British retail makes an exciting breakthrough in China as nearly 30 leading British brands begin an exclusive UK-only promotion on the leading Chinese e-commerce site JD.com, thanks to a partnership between JD.com and the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC). For a full week from 11 to 20 June, UK brands will enjoy top billing on the screens of JD.com’s 170 million registered users ahead of the site’s wider International Brands Festival, which runs after the UK promotion until 30 June. 
The promotion also marks a key shift to an online platform for the Great British Brands Festival, CBBC’s growing series of sales exhibitions, which has so far been run offline with success in cities across China. An April 2016 report by the Office for National Statistics showed a 9.3% year-on-year increase in e-commerce sales in the UK, with online sales of household goods leaping 33.6%, and China offers huge potential for online exports.
CBBC’s partnership with JD.com gives UK retailers a practical means to capitalise on the strong reputation of British brands in China and to build on the interest generated by the offline festivals. JD.com boasts the highest revenues of any internet business in China and the biggest distribution network.
‘We are delighted to partner with JD.com and to give UK retailers a practical new avenue to export to China. CBBC’s partnership with one of China’s biggest e-commerce sites gives British companies a real opportunity not only to benefit from the online promotion period, but also to reach a larger and wider Chinese audience and build a stronger brand reputation among Chinese consumers,’ said Stephen Phillips, chief executive of the China-Britain Business Council.
Andy Zhou, general manager of JD.com’s Home, Furniture & Decorations Department, said: ‘As China’s largest self-operating e-commerce platform, JD.com has nearly 170 million registered users whose consumption trends are maturing and whose demand for high quality brands is increasing rapidly. From 11-20 June, JD.com will cooperate with CBBC for the first time to develop the online Great British Brands Festival event with the theme ‘British Quality brought to you by JD.com!’ After the UK promotion, there will be online and offline resources to continually promote more British brands for Chinese consumers on JD.com.’
Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, Dyson vacuum cleaners, Wedgwood porcelain, Kent hairbrushes and Fulton umbrellas are among the UK brands which will participate in the UK promotion. They have benefited from wide pre-sales promotion by JD.com and special offers to attract consumers since 1 June. The participating British brands will also be able to take part in the International Brands Festival which follows the UK promotion.
‘British Quality Brought to You by JD.com’ runs from 11-30 June here on JD.com's official page.
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