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Jersey, The Gateway to Europe

BritCham / CBBC
Event type Seminar
Date Friday, May 31st, 2013
Time 09.35
Open for All welcome
Contacts Nora Zhang (Nora.Zhang@cbbc.org.cn)
Venue Crowne Plaza, Beijing
Organiser External
Address Crowne Plaza Beijing Parkview Wuzhou (北辰五洲皇冠假日酒店) 8 Beichen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
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Mr Wayne Gallichan of Locate Jersey, together with representatives from Jersey Post, Basel Global Group and Indigo Lighthouse Group, will give a presentation on how Chinese businesses can harness Jersey's position in Europe and take advantage of an attractive business and investment environment.


Jersey is in the enviable position of being geographically close to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, whilst not being part of the European Union. This geographical and political position affords Jersey a number of strategic advantages when it comes to certain business opportunities. The main sector that has grown over the last fourty years, and is now supporting the economy of the Island, is the well-regulated finance industry. There are however other business that are taking advantage of a European Directive and locating their businesses in Jersey. Businesses in Jersey have swiftly adapted to the ever-changing business environment. As a result, a “Fulfilment” industry was born, including services realted to e-commerce, logistics, fianlcial services, etc.
This event is organised by Locate Jersey. Locate Jersey is part of the Jersey Economic Development Department and is tasked with promoting Jersey business overseas. Following successful visits organised by CBBC to Beijing, Xiamen and Hangzhou in 2012. Locate Jersey and Jersey businesses have extablished a good relationship with Chinese businesses and industry associations.This year in May, Locate Jersey will take to the stage on a visit to Beijing to reinforce the message to more Chinese audience that Jersey is ‘open for business’.


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