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Launchpad and Hot Desk

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Under current regulations, foreign companies are not permitted to employ staff in China unless the company is registered here. The Launchpad scheme is a simple, legal and cost-effective means of enabling a business to try out the China market before commiting to a permanent presence.

CBBC helps by assigning a local project manager to your company, who is based in one of CBBC's offices working exclusively on your behalf. The project manager can undertake business development, liaison and research with dedicated supervision and advice from CBBC’s experienced staff. To date CBBC has housed over 140 Launchpad clients in many of our 13 offices across China.

The service is exclusively for Corporate members that do not have a legal entity in China. Launchpads are undertaken for a 12-month period, with the option to extend.

Key advantages:

  • Fast set-up with minimal fuss
  • Assess and develop your China strategy with minimal risk
  • Test-drive a key employee before company set-up
  • Assistance in hiring Launchpad project managers if necessary
  • No up-front investment costs
  • Develop and share knowledge within a team of other Launchpad managers and CBBC staff
  • Progress reviews in both China and the UK
  • An after-care package including advice to help with your next steps
  • Project manager transferred to your company when you decide to set up your own operation

Launchpad is available in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Qingdao, Nanjing or Shenyang.

For more detailed information please click here to visit CBBC's webpage.


Current and previous Launchpad clients include:



Hot Desk



A Hot Desk is an instant, flexible, cost-effective and low risk means of using CBBC’s extensive network of 13 China offices to explore business potential in new locations. It gives a company temporary use of CBBC’s office space where they can assign their local or expatriate staff. Hot Desk employees can tap into CBBC’s network of key decision makers and gain an introduction to relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Commerce (Mofcom) or the Department of Industry and Commerce.

The service is ideal for new-to-market companies wishing to assess the opportunities in China, or for already established companies to explore new areas and develop business leads. This service is available to Corporate members who already have a legal entity in China for a short-term period of between three and six months.

Key advantages:

  • Temporary accommodation within a CBBC office
  • Desk space, office communications, use of meeting rooms and message-taking services
  • Assign your Chinese or expatriate employees
  • Strategic meetings with CBBC office managers
  • End-of-term business review meeting
  • Assessment of research needs

Hot Desk is available in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shenyang, Chengdu, Wuhan or Qingdao.

For further information, please click here to visit CBBC's webpage.

For all enquiries please contact anne.zheng@cbbc.org.cn.

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