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Lord Mayor of London meets Chamber members in Beijing

BritCham / CBBC
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The British Chamber hosted a members’ reception on 14 September with the Lord Mayor of London, Lord Mountevans, who was visiting China with a group of UK companies.
Speaking at the reception in Beijing, Lord Mountevans – whose role it is to promote the City of London around the world – discussed the City’s view on Brexit, the renminbi, Chinese investment and the overall UK-China relationship.
There was “no complacency” over Brexit, he said, but rather a “great focus on the opportunity and on making a success of it” – not only with China but also with partners from around the world. 
On the RMB, for which London is now the world’s largest trading hub outside Asia, he said he believed the recent pace of development would hold fast thanks to the continued recognition of the City’s expertise. 
The Lord Mayor also predicted that the rate of Chinese investment in the UK would accelerate still further in the coming years, even on top of the 50 per cent growth of the past decade - an inflow which is “warmly welcomed”.
Ending the session with a question on Hinkley Point, which had been a focal point of recent government discussions, Lord Mountevans made clear that the relationship was “much bigger than just one project” and can be expected to continue to flourish across a broad range of industries.
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