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From the Market: Environmental

From the Market: Environmental
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CBBC has just delivered a talk on the balance of China’s growth and the environmental impact to an international group of universities by video link from Leeds University.   Environmental issues have been significantly under-emphasised during China's economic boom and only in recent years have the risks and consequences of this been understood. A stark example of this is that China tightened building standards in 2004, with a requirement for a 50 per cent energy saving. Today over 95 per cent of Chinese new builds do not meet those standards. This attitude is widely held in the manufacturing industry, where the focus has been on output rather than sustainability.

CBBC's Vince Cunningham has 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry and offers a range of programmes intended to drive down costs through design efficiency improvement, waste eradication and energy reduction.

As environmental awareness in China increases, making Chinese manufacturing sustainable is a growing priority. CBBC is pleased to support a new UKTI initiative “Sustainable Manufacturing”, which will demonstrate this need and will also identify opportunities in both China and India. The launch will be on December 14th, appropriately at the Sustainable Manufacturing Conference, at the IMechE in London, with a full programme to follow. CBBC will be working with UKTI on the China element of the programme and will carry further details on the CBBC website.

For more information please contact vince.cunningham@cbbc.org

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