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From the Market: March

From the Market: March
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Corporate Social Responsibility

From 5 to 10 December 2011, the British School of Beijing (BSB) hosted 20 rural teachers from across China for cultural exchange. Wang Liwei, Vice-Mayor of Guan County, Shandong Province and Editor of Charitarian magazine, handled the government relations and selected the teachers from Chongqing Municipality, as well as Shandong and Anhui Provinces. Michael Embley, BSB Headmaster, delivered a welcome speech on the first day and then Clare Pearson, Fred Li and Yimeng Li of DLA Piper joined teacher Val Pearson in teaching the first three mornings of English lessons. By the end of the programme guest teachers taught their own English lesson to BSB students.

With the third training session scheduled for April 2012, this project can continue helping rural teachers broaden their horizons, experience advanced and innovative educational ideas and gain exposure to different teaching methods. Since one teacher can influence the future of 10,000 rural children, trained educators can apply their Beijing experiences to their daily classrooms. This will help balance educational standards between the urban and rural areas, leaving thousands of students better off.
For more CSR information, please visit http://www.britishchamber.cn/content/csr

Financial Services
CBBC’s Duncan Levesley discusses recent developments in RMB internationalisation

The financial services sector’s latest hot topic is RMB internationalisation, and whether London could serve as the currency’s offshore centre. The UK and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s January agreement means London is developing the necessary technical measures to aid the RMB in its increasingly global role. In February, Sir David Brewer, CBBC Chairman, was focusing on the UK capital’s potential new role at City Week, a London conference discussing financial services in emerging markets, and also at The Rise of the Renminbi conference the following day.

Should a RMB policy come to pass, the City won’t be the only beneficiary. Already, UK companies of all sizes can settle imports and exports in RMB, as well as opening RMB-denominated bank accounts in Britain. Such services will only increase as British firms take advantage of the RMB’s many benefits; this includes hedging against currency risk, as well as utilising the favourable terms from Chinese companies.

CBBC will be organising an event in the spring to examine how British companies in every sector can benefit from these exciting developments. If you would like to discuss this, or any other aspect of financial services in China, please contact duncan.levesley@cbbc.org

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