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Mengzi City Government Seek International Partners for Preservation Project

BritCham / CBBC
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The local Mengzi City government, Yunnan Provence is seeking overseas expertise to help with the conservation of BiseZhai station and the development of BiseZhai walled town.

Following the 2010 “International Expert Forum on the Conservation and protection of the Yunnan-Vietnam Meter Gauge Railway” held in Kunming City, the railway and its antique stations are in the midst of a campaign for UNESCO World Heritage status and are looking at a major restoration effort in anticipation of the line reopening as a tourist route. 

Mengzi municipal government is seeking international partners to provide consultancy and assistance to successfully preserve the colonial heritage contained within the town, as well as to represent the project overseas. 

With an approved budget of over 200 million RMB this is a project that represents a major international opportunity for any prospective partners, as well as a worthy cause for any institution dedicated to preserving European colonial heritage in the Asia Pacific region.

More information can be found in the attached document. For enquires please contact:
cherry.he@cbbc.org.cn ;   Tel: 010 8525 1111 X 317

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