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Morgan Cars Launch 'China 250 Wings' Initiative

BritCham / CBBC
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Morgan Cars launched a campaign to sell 250 limited edition hand-built pedal cars from their new Beijing showroom. They will donate 10% of the proceeds to WheelsPlusWings charity. The WheelsPlusWings charity funds wheel chairs for special needs children in China.

The tricycles were first offered by Morgan in 2010 to commemorate the centenary of the launch of the Morgan 3 Wheeler by H.F.S. Morgan. The SuperSport Junior was offered in limited production and were quickly sold out. The special car is in fact a tricycle built to 2/3 scale and based on the original Morgan 3-wheel vehicles. It is suitable for 6-13 year olds.

In the photo above, from left to right: Ian Charles Stewart (Founder & Chairman of WheelsplusWings), Martin Barnes (Founder & Creative Director of Wheelsplus Wings), Jim James (Managing Director of Morgan Cars Beijing), Stuart James (Founder & Executive Director of WheelsplusWings), Thomas Ofner (Founder & Director of Operations of WheelsplusWings)

The Malvern, Great Britain factory has agreed to manufacture 250 more SuperSport Junior cars exclusively as part of an initiative by the Morgan Cars Beijing to enable less able-bodied Children in China to fulfil their dreams. Malvern Morgan Cars will donate 10% of all proceeds to WheelsPlusWings.

Commenting on the launch, Morgan Cars Managing Director Jim James said, "We aim to give the gift of mobility to 250 kids both able bodied and disabled through our Junior SuperSport initiative. When a customer purchases a Morgan tricycle, WheelsPlusWings will be able to give a custom built chair to a child in China. 

Stuart James, Founder & Executive Director of WheelsPlusWings said, "Our goal in China is to get people to rethink how they view children with disabilities and what those children are capable of accomplishing in life. It starts by providing proper independent mobility. Thanks to the Junior SuperSport initiative by Morgan Cars, we aim to get a lot of kids properly mobile.

The condition which the factory has imposed is that the China initiative must generate 250 orders, sufficient for the production of the hand made, 3 speed pedal cars. Therefore the campaign must achieve an all or nothing target of finding 250 people in China who want to give the gift of a unique, handbuilt tricycle to a child, in the knowledge that their gift will bring double the happiness.

For more information, please contact: 
Denise Chen
Tel: +86 10 6582 0018
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