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The next phase of China's outbound real-estate investment

BritCham / CBBC
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The British Business Centre in Beijing saw a record turnout on 27 January for the first edition of our Infrastructure & Property Forum in 2015.
Knight Frank introduced their recently published report, "Chinese Outward Investment: After the Initial Waves, What's Next?", explaining the push and pull factors driving Chinese outbound real estate investment, who the main drivers are, where they are investing and how the future looks in this area. 
KPMG tax specialist Li Li then took the audience through some of the tax optimisation options available to potential Chinese investors in the UK. 
A lively panel discussion, moderated by Chas Pope of Arup, co-chair of the forum, showed the strong interest among our members in how China's rocketing outbound investment will continue in the UK. The UK is now the leading major EU destination for Chinese investors, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
The Infrastructure & Property Forum will return to discuss topical issues in early April. The wider themes of "China Outbound" and China's "Liveable Cities" will also be explored at CBBC's China Business Conference in London in March.
The Knight Frank and KPMG presentations are available below.
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