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Nottingham and Ningbo: The Campus Case

Nottingham and Ningbo: The Campus Case
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Is there growth within the educational sector in China?

Yes. The ten-year educational forum plan talks about how Chinese graduates do not have the right skills – it’s actually admitting that China has gone as far as it can with its current policies and has to change. This means there will be exciting opportunities for international companies to come out to China and help assist and drive that change.

How will that work?

China’s central government wants more quality international education. China’s top leaders see Sino-foreign universities like Ningbo as contributing to the new education system they are implementing here to equip citizens to take the lead in global business and scientific endeavours. China’s ten-year education plan is an important part of moving the country into the next phase of its economic development.

How important is it for British universities to build awareness of their brand in China?

It is important for British universities wherever they are to maintain and strengthen their brand - which isn’t just about marketing but also about maintaining the very highest standards of British education. The higher education sector is an essential part of the UK economy. A UK degree is seen as an international premium; it is vitally important for all British universities to protect its integrity.

What have been the challenges and pitfalls of operating in China?

Ningbo is unique – that’s where the challenge lies. There are no ready-made answers. We are very much at the forefront of China’s educational developments. Our efforts have paved the way for other British and foreign universities to open their doors in China.

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