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Private Hospitals: Market trends, government policy and foreign involvement

BritCham / CBBC
Event type Healthcare Forum
Date Friday, August 29th, 2014
Time 14:30-16:30
Open for All welcome
Cost Members 100 RMB Non-Members 200 RMB
Contacts serena.li@cbbc.org.cn
Venue The British Business Centre, Beijing
Organiser BritCham / CBBC
Address Room 1001, China Life Tower, 16 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie
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You may have heard complaints about how hard and how expensive it can be to see a doctor in China: kan bing nan, kan bing gui.
You’ve probably read reports of angry Chinese patients attacking doctors and nurses.
And you may have seen how people get up in the small hours to be first in line at their local teaching hospital.
But do you know why these problems exist, or how private investment – and your business - could provide a solution?
This Healthcare Forum meeting will help you to learn more about the strategy and measures adopted by the Chinese government to open up healthcare, hospital financing and provision to private investment. The target set down was to double private provision from 9 per cent to 20 per cent by 2015. Is this mission impossible? How can you contribute to realising it? 
We have invited Chen Linhai from the Chinese Private Hospital Association to present:
  • China’s private hospital market and development trends;
  • Policies to encourage private investment in hospitals;
  • Advice on foreign investment in China’s private hospitals.
We are pleased to offer members of BritCham/CBBC a discount of 50% for this event.
Members: RMB 100
Non-members: RMB 200
Please register for this event online by clicking the button below. 
Note that only registered guests will receive updates or details of any changes to the event. In the event of cancellations, we kindly ask that you inform us before the event so that we can offer the place to another guest. 
About the speaker
Chen Linhai graduated from the School of Law, Xiamen University, and the MBA Program of Tsinghua University School of Economic and Management. He is currently Director of the Investment & Financing Services Division of the Private Hospital Management branch of the Chinese Hospital Association, and CEO of Beijing Golden-Care Hospital Management Co., Ltd. Mr Chen has engaged in investment into and management of private medical institutions for many years and has a wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. He is committed to long-term innovative and strategic synergy between the health, insurance, real-estate and finance industries. 
About the Private Hospital Management branch of the Chinese Hospital Association
As a legal national, industrial and non-profit organisation with a licence to practise as a medical institution, and consisting of various non-public hospitals at all levels, the Private Hospital Management branch of the Chinese Hospital Association is currently the only national private hospital association organisation in China. 
About the Healthcare Forum
The BritCham/CBBC Healthcare Forum invites BritCham and CBBC members with an interest in the healthcare sector to share expertise, experience and common concerns about the Chinese market. It offers members the opportunity to meet on a regular basis to discuss policy, regulatory and industry developments and issues from different perspectives.
The forum is chaired by John Williams (International SOS China).
We are currently seeking a co-chair for this forum.
If you are interested in joining the forum as a member or a co-chair, please contact anne.zheng@cbbc.org.cn.

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