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Qingdao planning to cooperate with the City on wealth management centre

BritCham / CBBC
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At a meeting in September between Sir David Brewer, then chairman of CBBC, and Bai Guangzhao, president of the Qingdao Finance Administration Office, Mr Bai expressed a desire to develop Qingdao as a centre for wealth management with the help of the City of London, and to establish a wealth management training centre in partnership with a British financial institution.
The attached document below is the plan for cooperation drawn up by the Qingdao Finance Office. A key section reads:
"Improving the training of talented wealth managers. We will promote the founding of a joint City of London and Qingdao Wealth Management Institute to create a training base for high-quality wealth managers. Training organisations for financial talents of all kinds will receive support to establish facilities or develop their operations in Qingdao. Certificatory systems which recognise expertise in wealth management both in the City and in Qingdao will receive mutual recognition, in order to facilitate exchanges between talented personnel."
See below for full Chinese and English versions.
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