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RBS Launches UK- based China Desk

BritCham / CBBC
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BritCham- CBBC member Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has launched a UK China Desk with the aim of providing a hub in London to help companies in mainland China expand their business internationally.

The facility should also help companies throughout Europe do business with China.
Building on RBS’s launch of a UK-based India Desk earlier this year, the China desk will offer expertise and guidance across the market, including regulatory insight and product support.

Commenting the the development, the bank’s co-chief executive officer, international banking, Scott Barton, says: “The launch of our China Desk creates a hub in London to help our clients in Europe in taking advantage of the growth opportunities in one of the world’s most robust economies.”

He adds: “It also opens up our global network of 36 countries to our Chinese clients.
“As China becomes the largest trade partner to the European Union, we are pleased to be able to leverage our strong network to help our Chinese clients further expand their businesses into the EU.”

The China Desk will be led by Janet Ming who was most recently head of corporate sales for RBS China, based in Shanghai.

“Few Chinese banks have the network or capabilities to serve their clients who wish to expand internationally,” says Ms Ming.

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