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Report: The Great British Brands Festival 2013

BritCham / CBBC
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The inaugural Great British Brands Festival, which ran every day from 12 to 20 October 2013 in Beijing, attracted excellent sales revenue and was extensively covered in British and Chinese national and local media.
The festival was organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in China and the China-Britain Business Council in cooperation with the Trade and Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce.
It was held in Zhuozhan Shopping Centre – the largest of its kind in northern China – in west Beijing. The exhibition was held in the central hall of the ground floor.
There were 28 exhibitors – all British – from the fields of food and beverage, homeware, entertainment, automotive, and fashion and lifestyle. They were: Jaguar Land Rover, Morgan, Estate (including Jeffery West, Church’s, Grosvenor, Loake and Edward Green), Burns, Mothercare, Holland & Barrett, Silver Cross, Somerdale, Delamere Dairy, Twinings, Alphatex Knitting Co., The Fresh Olive Company, Marks & Spencer, Vi-spring, Steribottle, PFB Associates (including Harrogate Water and Yu! Healthy Snacks), Bloom & Grow, Ritz-Carlton, United Biscuits, Carrs, Filofax and Queen Anne’s. 
The most prominent attendees were Boris Johnson, mayor of London, and Wang Shouwen, assistant minister of MOFCOM's Trade Development Bureau.
Russell Brown, chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in China, and Eddie Malone, head of retail for UKTI in China, gave speeches at the opening ceremony, as did Han Shengjian, deputy director-general of the Trade Development Bureau, and Song Jianming, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce.
Over 30 media organisations from China and the UK attended the festival. The BBC, the Daily Telegraph, Sky News, ITN and the Evening Standard all reported on the festival itself or Boris Johnson’s attendance at it.
Sky News broadcast a live interview with the Mayor using the central stage as a backdrop, and he also gave a live radio interview to the BBC during his visit. The BBC’s online report included a photograph of Boris Johnson alongside Russell Brown and CBBC Chairman Lord Sassoon, all posing with a drum kit and guitars.
CCTV and Xinhua News, among various others, published reports in China. The festival was also featured in a news bulletin on Beijing TV.
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Sales revenue among all exhibitors exceeded RMB 6.5 million. RMB 6 million was accounted for by the sale of six JLR vehicles, while the other exhibitors took RMB 532,759 between them.
Many exhibitors, including PFB Associates (selling beer and Harrogate Water), Somerdale (cheese), Twinings (tea) and Holland & Barrett (healthcare products), reported having sold out of goods and having to restock, in some cases on the opening day.
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