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Save the date: Green is GREAT Road Show (28 Oct-1 Nov)

BritCham / CBBC
Event type Road show / Missions
Date Monday, October 28th, 2013 to Friday, November 1st, 2013
Time All day
Open for All welcome
Contacts yan.kang@cbbc.org.cn (Wuhan); sunny.sun@cbbc.org.cn (Shanghai); petula.liao@cbbc.org.cn (Guangzhou)
Venue Wuhan, Shanghai, Guangzhou
Organiser External
Address TBC
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As part of the Green is GREAT campaign, the British Embassy will be holding a road show showcasing the UK's green and low-carbon expertise in a number of cities across China during the week commencing 28th October.
We will first visit Wuhan on 28th October, before moving on to Guangzhou on 30th October and ending in Shanghai on 1st November. We will be holding the 1st Green is GREAT China Conference in Wuhan and holding networking receptions in Wuhan, Guangzhou and Shanghai to spread word of just how GREAT Britain’s low-carbon goods and services sector really is, and to bring companies on both sides together to explore potential business collaborations. The road shows will be wrapped around three UKTI missions – Sustainable Cities, Clean and Energy Efficient Production (CEEP) and Smart Grids.
At these events, we hope to offer capable British companies the chance to display their green plans and low-carbon products. Seeing is believing – so local government departments and businesses with an interest in this field will be invited to attend the road show and experience our GREATness first-hand!
Who should attend? 
British companies engaged in construction, environmental products and services, renewable energy or clean energy efficient production in the UK or China are particularly welcome to participate in the road show. 
Registration - road show
If you are interested in participating in the road show, please contact yan.kang@cbbc.org.cn in Wuhan, sunny.sun@cbbc.org.cn in Shanghai or petula.liao@cbbc.org.cn in Guangzhou. 
Registration - Sustainable Cities / Clean Energy Efficient Production / Smart Grid missions
If you are interested in joining the Sustainable Cities mission, please contact Boyi Mu (boyi.mu@fco.gov.uk). If you are interested in joining either the Clean Energy Efficient Production or Smart Grid mission, please contact Robert Cawley (robert.cawley@fco.gov.uk).   
Green is GREAT campaign - further events
Following on from the Green is GREAT road show, there will be a number of further activities under the Green is GREAT campaign this year. Two to highlight are the EU-China Urbanisation Exhibition and Pavilion on 20th-23rd November 2013 and a visit by Chinese companies and policymakers to the UK in March 2014.
For more information, please see the attached "Green is GREAT" introductory flyer. 
We look forward to seeing you there! 

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